GRIP SURFACE- NEW State of the art molded grip technology. The best in the world.

Molded Skin Surface:  All grooves and contact surfaces are molded with a sealed skin. Sealed, no saw cut exposed internal material.  

Micro Grip Texture:  The top contact of surface the pad has a molded-in micro linen texture for instant grip and stance set.

Grooves:  Allow water to move off the contact surface for instance grip and body contact to the pad, like a tire tread on a wet surface.

High Energy Memory Compound:  Allows deep compression set and quick rebound memory.  No slow compression set/smashed pad..

Smooth on the Skin and Zero water absorption.

Raised Tail Block: Foot/Fin Leverage for Hard Turn Control

Grooved Flat Deck: Instant Full Contact to the Control Surfaces for On The Fly Stance Release and Re-grip.

Dynamic Grip Features 

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One Smooth Beveled Edge, no tears or snags